Thursday, September 29, 2011

Julian is stupid

He is a fat asshole yea dawg

Those damn gingers

those stupid ass gingers are just sitting around like a bunch of lazy assholes all they do is complain and complain i say we ban them to the outside where they will burn and we will be done with them forever

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Del Taco

We need a Del Taco in northfield minnesota immediatly to enjoy the great taco tuesday with the deal of 3 taco's for 99 cents it kicks ass

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Driver sucks and michael kelso is back

On friday i ventured out to see the new movie drive with what i was expecting car chase seens all over but ended up being dissapointed with the main character ryan goseling only speaking a total of about 5 lines and there only being two car chase sceens the first of which involved him continuely truning his car off and hiding the second lasting maybe 2 minutes the MOVIE WAS A COMPLETE DISSAPOINTMENT UP UNTIL THAT ONE HOE WAS SHOT THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW THAT GAVE IT LEGENDARY STATUS . But for the record avoid drive not worth the money.
The other thing that happened was on monday night the return of michael kelso no really the fictional that so 70's show character did not return but ashton kutcher has  seemily the same character on two and a half men. It's just michael kelso with a lot of money got i hope he trys car skiing again.

Friday, September 16, 2011

kyles house

kyles full of luxuries full and oreos and apples plus of  kitties ;)

done with work

Big BO across me sucks at accounting


Going to see driver after scoo hopefully ryan gossling gets raped in the ahole but anyway lets talk about how awesome i am. first off i can pretty much do anything and last night that orgy was muey fantastico that right i speaka the spanish and now im about to go bang a bunch of bimbos its going be pretty dope just gotta check those hoes for diseases

Comp Prog is Boring

Really bored in comp prog everyone is acting like a dueche especially kyle (who has a shitty car). Julian is beng difficult and wont sell richard a playstation and its really pissing richard off good stuff.